I have been working with a number of Toronto clients recently who are considering leading a “dual” lifestyle! Most of us are reluctant to move out of Toronto as we enjoy the many perks the city has to offer including great restaurants, parks, museums and other art venues. Really tough to leave those behind. The realities of life in the country is that most restaurants close early, recreation is more limited and getting to them usually means a drive in the car. BUT…it is worth it when you are sitting in a place where you can’t see your neighbours and the wildlife become your best friends!

We can work with you to have the best of both worlds! Trading in your $1.5 million property (which isn’t a lot in this city unfortunately), can get you a condo in the city (a small pied a terre) and an acreage in the country. We have personal experience! Last year we sold our semi in Leslieville and bought a 3000 sq. ft. home on a 26-acre property 10 minutes north of Cobourg AND a cool 1-bedroom condo in a loft building in Leslieville. Life is great. Since May this year, we have worked with a number of Toronto based clients to achieve their dreams of finding their retreat in the countryside.

Thinking about it? We have seen most of the rural properties from Oshawa to PEC and would be happy to meet to discuss the possibilities of making it happen for you.

A snapshot of our life now!